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Ebd Command Meeting 1 by TurnStylz
Ebd Command Meeting 1
((Commission from EBD-Command on Tumblr. THis is going to be part of a story set where his skilled diplomat meets and interacts with the mother of love
Story and Roger By EBD-Command
Art and NightFlower By Me))

The Story (Part 1):

Roger relaxed as the train rumbled into the station on the edge of the city, the stallion standing and grabbing his bag. His aid and bodyguard, a large zebra stallion, stood as well.

“Sir, are you sure this is wise? Going to a meeting with a single guardian?” he asked, stretching.

“Odani I told you that I didn't need anyone, your presence is a formality. Though one I do appreciate.” Roger responded, the unicorn straightening his tie.

“And one I take very seriously.” Odani responded.

Roger nodded as they took their bags, heading out and off the train. The city of Flowers was an astounding sight, Roger whistling slightly as he looked out at the lively sight before him. Within a few steps he spied the waiting vehicle, and an attending batpony, broad grin on her face.

“Ahh, the unicorn with the purple tie, not a common color. Welcome to the City of Flowers, CypresSun. I'll be your driver, Night Singer.” she exclaimed, bowing lightly.

Slipping down the steps, Odani in tow, Roger offered a bow.

“An honor to meet you. So, you'll be bringing us to the castle?” he asked, setting his bag down.

Singer grinned.

“Not at all, the Queen wants to meet you as soon as possible.”

“Then, if not the castl...” he paused, going over his notes.

Singer smirked some as she opened the door of the vehicle, ushering him in.

“I you had a dossier...well then you'll be unsurprised to learn she is at the opera, waiting for you and your aid to join her.” she exclaimed, popping the trunk and letting Odani pop the bags inside before joining her in the front seat.

Roger hopped in, looking out the window.

“You're right. I'm not, just forgot about that while we were traveling.” Roger exclaimed.

“Fair enough.” she says with a relaxed smile. “Well luckily you two seem ready for the opera anyway, so let's get you there right quick, eh?” she exclaimed as they traveled through the flourishing city, life filling the streets, joy abounding as Roger stretched in the plush seats.

Some 20 minutes of driving passed before they pulled up to a beautifully constructed building, a crowd gathered about the entrance. Amidst the group were a great many ponies, griffons, even minotaurs. The groups chatted excitedly, discussing the coming show. Amidst them stood one glorious pony, her ebony coat glistening. She stood towering over even the minotaurs.

“Ah, so it's true, how interesting.” Roger mused, slipping out of the vehicle, Odani and Singer joining him as he made his way forward.

Queen Nightflower spoke with one of her subjects, listening to his story, the young griffon explaining how he had finished his newest sculpture. From the corner of her eye she spotted the approaching stallion.

“That sounds quite astounding dear Siegfried. Do show me a picture after the show.” she says with earnest interest.

“However, my date for the evening is here, and I want to greet him. The diplomat has arrived.” she states, soft voice playful as she turns and opens her arms in a welcoming, sweet gesture.

“Roger Dunn, welcome to our wonderful city,” she announced. “Singer, have you treated them well?”

Singer bowed some.

“Of course madame. He seems quite excited, and has brought a friend.”

Nightflower nodded, turning to the zebra. “I suspect you are his protector then? A pleasure to meet you Sir...”

“Odani your highness.” he stated, the zebra bowing some.

“No need for the bow Odani, and please, Nightflower is fine.” she exclaimed.

Roger stepped forward and smiled, before bowing his head. As he did so he dropped to one knee, and took her hand, kissing it as he spoke.

“Your highness, though you seem more than welcoming I feel I must observe tradition,” he exclaimed.

“Queen Nightflower, it is an absolute honor and privilege to meet you your highness. I, your humble servant and diplomat, Roger Dunn, thank you for this opportunity and look forward to learning about you and your kingdom.” he exclaimed, looking up to her with a proud smile.

She blushed, giggling lightly.

“How traditional. Well, arise Sir Dunn, and join me this evening for some relaxation, starting with a show produced by one of our rising writers.” she said with a broad grin and a squeeze of his hand.
Commission information:…

If you want a commission, I can be contacted at:
Commission information:…

If you want a commission, I can be contacted at:

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